Club Listing

  School                                                       City/District                          Day

Alpine Alpine T
Bancroft La Mesa/Spring Valley T
Blossom Valley El Cajon M
Boulder Oaks Alpine T
Cajon Park Elementary Santee Th
Cajon Park Middle Santee Th
Cajon Valley Middle El Cajon Th
Carlton Hills Elementary Santee M
Carlton Hills Middle Santee F
Carlton Oaks Middle Santee W
Casa de Oro La Mesa/Spring Valley M
Chase Avenue El Cajon W
Chet F. Harritt Middle Santee T
Emerald Middle El Cajon Th
Flying Hills El Cajon Th
Greenfield Middle El Cajon T
Hedenkamp Chula Vista F
Hill Creek Santee T
Jamacha El Cajon M
Jamul Jamul T
Joan McQueen Middle Alpine T
Johnson El Cajon T
Joseph Casillas Elementary Chula Vista M
Lakeside Middle Lakeside Th
Lakeview Lakeside T
La Mesa Dale La Mesa/Spring Valley W
Language Academy @ Bostonia El Cajon Th
Lindo Park Lakeside T
Literacy First Middle CHARTER El Cajon Th
Los Coches Middle El Cajon F
Madison El Cajon T
Meridian El Cajon T
Montgomery Middle El Cajon W
Naranca El Cajon Th
Parkway Middle La Mesa T
Pepper Drive Elementary Santee W
Pepper Drive Middle Santee W
Rancho Elem Spring Valley M
Rancho San Diego El Cajon T
Rios Cyn El Cajon Th
Tierra Del Sol Middle Lakeside W
Vista Grande El Cajon W
WD Hall El Cajon T

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