Spring Life Skills 2017

Daniel & Ryder w Syd on Ukelele WOH  Sewing Backpack Fitness SquatsDo you like working with elementary aged kids? Do you have a skill you could teach them in an hour? Then you are perfect to come and help us out this year at Spring Life Skills! Our program will run April 11-13 and 18-20 focusing on the Easter story…from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection!

Classes can be almost anything:  we already have commitments to offer sewing, computers, dance, guitar, ukulele, sports and cooking  but can always use more options as we hope to have 85-100 kids. Ideally, we like to keep class sizes between 12-20 kids.  We are also doing a reading program as part of Life Skills so if you would love to help kids learn to read we need you!

The kids pick two classes everyday and the classes vary daily depending on what adult volunteers are available to teach/help each day.

To volunteer email Laura lbellet@sonshinehaven.org or call the office (619) 440-1221.


Why Kids Come to Sonshine Club

This last week, when we asked some kids why they like Sonshine Club, the overwhelmingly consistent answers were for the snacks, candy and prizes!  Of course!  However, one 3rd grade boy, while praying with his club leader, said, “God, you know the only reason I come to Sonshine Club is to pray with Mr. B”…that makes it worth it all!!!

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Little Ambassadors

63106445-cookies-in-white-bag-illustrationAfter club this week, a little boy was late being picked up by mom so we had some extra time to hang out…as we were waiting, 3 other children from another after school activity came and stood at the fence.  “Jon” saw that one of the kids was middle eastern and not talking.  He asked the teacher if the boy only spoke Arabic.  Yes the teacher answered and proceeded to try to get the boys to introduce themselves. The other boy was not wanting to try but “Jon” gave him smiles anyway.  We had some extra cookies so soon all the kids had a bag of cookies and were standing all in a row along the fence.  The other two children were newly here from Thailand.  “Jon” and the boy from Thailand started playing “Rock, Paper, Scissors”!

“Jon” is also new to the school but he is in our hearts and minds an ambassador in the east county where there are so many people groups, cultures and languages.  Cookies, smiles and kids…gotta love it!

Pray For Ms Mari!

Miss Mari, founder & director of Sonshine Haven, Sonshine Clubs, Higher Ground Clubs, Mom’s Night Out, Life Skills, Cinderella Day…needs your prayers today, right now…she had surgery this morning but then her lung collapsed. Dr. is trying to diagnose why and what to do for her. She’s in pain and on oxygen. Mari has been there for us, our children, our moms, our schools…let’s lift her up now in a community of prayers.