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Why Kids Come to Sonshine Club

This last week, when we asked some kids why they like Sonshine Club, the overwhelmingly consistent answers were for the snacks, candy and prizes!  Of course!  However, one 3rd grade boy, while praying with his club leader, said, “God, you know the only reason I come to Sonshine Club is to pray with Mr. B”…that makes it worth it all!!!

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Pray For Ms Mari!

Miss Mari, founder & director of Sonshine Haven, Sonshine Clubs, Higher Ground Clubs, Mom’s Night Out, Life Skills, Cinderella Day…needs your prayers today, right now…she had surgery this morning but then her lung collapsed. Dr. is trying to diagnose why and what to do for her. She’s in pain and on oxygen. Mari has been there for us, our children, our moms, our schools…let’s lift her up now in a community of prayers.